Afghanistan Reports

Special Inspector General For Afghanistan Reconstruction


SIGAR issues its thirty-ninth Quarterly Report on April 30, 2018. Public Law 110-181 directs SIGAR to submit a quarterly report to Congress. This congressionally mandated report summarizes SIGAR's audits and investigative activities. The report also provides an overview of reconstruction activities in Afghanistan and includes a detailed statement of all obligations, expenditures, and revenues associated with reconstruction.

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Balancing the Use of Water Resources in the Amu Darya Basin


ADBN Policy Brief No. 2.

Joelle Rizk and Berdakh Utemuratov
ADBN Contributors: Dr. I. Abdullaev, Dr. M. Aminova, Prof. V. Dukhovny, Dr. N. Eqrar, M. Krasznai, Dr. S. Rakhmatullaev, Dr. O. Shipin, H. Thakkar, and Dr. D. Ziganshina.

Central Asia and Afghanistan are abundant in natural resources, including land, water and energy. Basin countries depend on the Amu Darya Basin for different economic and livelihoods needs.

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Iran and its Relationship to Afghanistan After the Nuclear Deal


How would the conclusion of the nuclear deal and the lifting of the sanctions on Iran be expected to alter relations with Afghanistan? The opening of Iran can be turned into the victory for soft power and a model for diplomacy, reform and moderation. But to gain a rightful place as a benevolent and strong neighbor whose dividends of peace could spread over the region, Iran needs to avoid specific pitfalls, this policy brief warns.

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The Afghan National Army After ISAF


As casualties mounted to dramatic levels in 2015, even according to official figures that are most likely underestimated, the Afghan National Army (ANA) has for the first time begun experiencing serious problems in recruitment. The army also experienced a resurgence of ghost soldiering (soldiers who are listed as being on active duty, but who do not serve)—a problem which had been largely contained by 2010. The units most exposed in the figh

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Afghanistan 2016 Turbulent Transitions


This Report is the product of the Delhi Policy Group’s Seventh Regional Conference on Peace and Stabilization in Afghanistan, along with a series of bilateral and trilateral discussions, planning visits and interviews conducted over the course of 2015-6. Focused on providing a Track II complement to the official Heart of AsiaIstanbul Process, the regional conference series comprises participants from eleven to thirteen Heart of Asia countri

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