Afghanistan Iran India Trilateral Dialogue

Afghanistan, India and Iran Trilateral Dialogue-II

2nd Afghanistan, India and Iran Trilateral Dialogue (AIID-II)
31 July -03 August 2017-Panjshir/Kabul, Afghanistan

In this conference, four working sessions were organised under following themes: 1) An Overall Assessment of the Situation in Afg

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Afghanistan, India and Iran Trilateral Dialogue-I

1st Afghanistan, India and Iran Trilateral Dialogue (AIID-I)
24-25 July 2016-Tehran, Iran

The first round of “Afghanistan, India and Iran Trilateral Dialogue” was successfully held in Tehran, Iran. During the trilateral conference from 24-25 July 2016 the delegations from the three countries discussed a number of strategic issues involving Afghanistan, Iran and India. The discussions evolved around regional economic opportunities, political and security cooperation among t

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