Polarization of International Politics on Conflict Resolution in Afghanistan


By Dr. Yaqub Ibrahimi

The conflict of Afghanistan has polarized the international politics. The government of Afghanistan and the Taliban have developed separate and contradicting scenarios for ending the conflict. The United States and most European powers support the government’s agenda while regional powers including Russia, Pakistan, and Iran are following the Taliban’s

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Negotiations with the Taliban Won’t Give Afghanistan What it Needs


By Ioannis Koskinas

Afghanistan’s experiment with communism ended with the country’s destruction between 1978 and 1992. The short-lived mujahedeen government and Afghan civil war phase ended in 1996, with the destruction of Kabul and the Taliban control of most of the country. The experiment with an Islamic emirate under the Taliban wrecked Afghanistan

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How China and India Can Help Secure the Peace in Afghanistan


By M. Ashraf Haidari

Afghans consider both China and India to be trustworthy neighbors. Together, they can help ensure Afghanistan’s future.
I was recently invited to a track 1.5 China-Afghanistan-Pakistan symposium on “Tackling Terrorist Threats, Jointly Safeguarding Regional Security” in Beijing. The rare trilateral symposium was welcomed by the three side

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Time to hit the political reset button in Afghanistan


Haroun Mir

After a temporary truce between the Afghan government and the insurgents during the three days of Eid-al Fitr, the brief euphoria is over, and the public anxiety has remained unchanged because more questions have arisen than any meaningful answers being addressed about the peaceful resolution of the conflict. However, the recent decision by US Presiden

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Taliban: We’re ‘another name of the Afghan nation’


By Bill Roggio

In a recent statement that addressed comments by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the Taliban reiterated that it considers itself the sole representative of the Afghan people. This is at odds with the opinion of some analysts who advise the US government on policy with respect to a negotiated settlement with the Taliban.

The Taliban statement, which is dated June 23 and published

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